Thoughts about life, success, and happiness

What keeps you up at night? For me it’s my thoughts. They’re not bad, or good, or really even indifferent. They’re just theories I have about things or ways I see the world. Sometimes I think about how I could change the world. Sometimes I think about the meaning of life and why people are the way they are. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really different from others. Sometimes I think my brain thinks very differently compared to the rest of the world.
I question a lot of things. I question a lot that we really don’t have answers for. I like to see many angles of one topic. I enjoy seeing the depth of things. I marvel over the many beautiful ideologies that define life.
I think society pushes us, especially the young generations, to really get out in the world and be something successful. I guess the thing we forget there, is that not everyone views success the same. To some, success may be having a good job, having a lot of beautiful things, maybe having a lot of money…
To me, that’s not success. Success to me is enjoying your life. If you’re enjoying your life, you really can’t be doing it wrong, can you? I suppose that is to each his own.
My point is, lately I’ve had many sleepless nights because of anxiety and fear over what the people of the world define as success. My goals are vague. My goals are to be happy, to laugh every day, to travel and see the world with people I love, and to live every day grateful.
At this point, I see money doesn’t matter as much as we are conditioned to believe. I see that fancy titles and degrees do not make a person successful or happy. I guess it really all comes down to the individual. For some, thatΒ  may make them happy. For people like me, that’s not really the case.
I always wanted to have an impact on the world. I think that by sharing my views and beliefs,that if I could help just one person or that if one person enjoyed or questioned what I have to say; then it would all be worth it.Β  The only thing is, I have to put myself and my thoughts out there for people to see no matter how scary it seems to me. I guess now is the time to let those punk rock roots take over and say, “fuck it, this is me, this is what I believe”.
The beauty of the world’s people is that everyone has a unique lens to see through. Everyone has a one of a kind interpretation of everything. The sooner we all stop to see that and acknowledge it, the sooner we can all break free from these shackles of conformity and really begin to express our true individual self.
We are not carbon copies of our influences, rather, we are beautiful, intricate paintings that can not be replicated. Although we may share some of the same colors,Β  we all represent those colors differently. That’s the beauty that should not be neglected. Instead of arguing over differences in thought, perception, and opinion, or complete indifference to it all, we should embrace the many perspectives and respect the many thoughts of all individuals. I think that would really be awesome.

One thought on “Thoughts about life, success, and happiness

  1. What very beautiful and heartfelt posts. You have’ blossomed into a very beautiful young woman, with and very open and curios mind.. Expertise writing, interesting content, and soooo very you!!!! Keep searching, learing, exploring, and traveling., follow you heartπŸ’œβ€

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