Liar: It Takes One to Know One

I just looked at a post on WordPress and in the first paragraph the writer says, “I’ve never lied before”…and goes about to make whatever point they were making. I stopped reading right when I saw that because right then and there I thought to myself, you’re a liar.

I don’t care if you’re the pope, you’ve lied before. Ever single human being on this planet (myself included) has lied at least one time in their life.

Think about it. How many times have you told a white lie in your life? Whether it’s, “I’m fine” when you’re hurt or upset; or “I’m sick” when you call off of work; or how about cheating on a test and taking the good grade because the teacher never found out?

My point is, we’ve all lied a few times here and there. We probably always will. So therefore, I strongly tend to question more the people who claim to “never” lie, or the people who “hate liars” because for one, you have lied so you’re a liar. Two, you must hate everyone including yourself because we all lie or have lied.

So next time you’re find yourself saying you never lie or hate liars, just remember that you yourself has most likely told a little white lie from time to time at some point in your life.

This bring me to my question. Does that make all of us untrustworthy? I don’t think it does simply because sometimes we tell little white lies so we don’t make a big deal out of something that needs no real attention. For example, telling someone, “I’m fine” rather than telling them the details of the fight you had with your spouse before coming to work. Or saying, “It’ll only take a minute”. Then 25 minutes later you finish doing whatever would “only take a minute”.

What do you think?

(Photo taken by Angel Walck)

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