Brand Name Vs. Generic

When it comes down to it, do you really think it matters if you buy the brand name of something or the generic?
Now I know that some things are just better to pay the extra money for, like Cheez-it crackers. The generic just taste bad. But what about when it comes to things like shoes, handbags, perfume, makeup, ext. Why do we let “status” and “brand names” control our lives?
A person I know will not buy generic sneakers. They have to be brand name Nike and Jordan’s. I personally don’t even know the difference between the two. The thing I do know is that they’re VERY expensive. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m lucky if I have $30 to spend on a pair of shoes let alone hundreds.
My next question is, does it really matter if people perceive you as “well off” by flaunting designer and name brands? I have wanted a Coach purse for a really long time. However, they’re more money than I make in a week so why would I put myself in debt for a bag? So what did I do? I bought a fake knock off from China. So what it looks a little fake, but who cares? I’d rather spend $40 over $1,200 any day.

I guess we spend a lot of energy trying to get people to perceive us in a certain way. At one time I thought that same way. I wanted people to think I was well off and “successful” and that I could afford name brand things. Truth is, I’m just like any ordinary citizen just trying to get by and pay my bills every month.
My new thought process is why worry about trying to impress people I don’t even like anyway.
So rather than fret about being on the up and up with all of the latest crazes, take a look at your life and ask yourself if all material possessions ceased to exist, would you be happy with your life? Would you be happy with the people and relationships you have in your life? Would material possessions matter to you if you knew it was your last day on this earth? My guess is not.
So before you pull out that AMX card to make a brand name purchase, just ask yourself why you want whatever it is you want in the first place. Distinguish between wants for yourself, needs for yourself, and mindless spending.

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