I’d Love To Be The Protagonist, But I Get Much More Enjoyment From Antagonizing You

**Note** Due to certain circumstances, I can’t go into as much detail as I would like. I hope you can all still understand what I’m getting at with this post!

“I would love to be the protagonist, but I get much more enjoyment from antagonizing you.”

I thought of this line a few minutes ago in my kitchen while making some ginger tea to help sooth my sore throat. When I thought of this, I instantly smirked to myself and chuckled at the brilliance of it. The line just popped into my head, but after a while when I really started applying it to life, it became very comical to me. Here is why.

When I’m at work I try to do my job the best I can. I take much pride in not so much what I do, but more so how I do it. Things that really get under my skin are things like 1)office politics 2)the people on opposite shifts who do not pull their weight of the work 3)letting those things ruin my day.

How I like to deal with these situations is nonchalantly adding fuel to the fire. I’m really not one for drama; but don’t get me wrong, just like most women, I love soap operas! What I find myself doing is observing behaviors of co-workers, analyzing how they speak about each other and how they speak to each other. By doing this I see how two-faced the great majority of them are. I also then know how to ignite certain situations based off of their emotions towards those situations and the people involved. You might think this is crappy, but I think of it as entertainment value that I get paid to watch.

Another things I applied this to is when I see that I’m the only one doing certain things I take a step back and focus my energy and time on other things that will benefit my shift and my team and leave things that both shifts do for the other shift just to see how they feel about it. (Like I said, they’re all two-faced, so I find out everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything.) I find it’s an equalizer when fairness is not present through management.

When things do upset my day I tend to really overachieve. This is when I will pay attention to every little detail and criticize everything done wrong and sloppy. Then I usually find myself bitching and complaining about the unfairness that takes place and secretly hate that I’m never recognized for how above and beyond I go.

The really funny thing that has came out for me while writing this, is that just as I like being the “antagonist” at work so to speak, I can also be the protagonist if you look at why I like taking on the antagonist role. It’s a bit ironic and just perpetuates the paradoxical effect of pretty much everything in life.

So as some co-workers intentionally make my days hard and filled with challenges, I in turn, purposefully try to do the same for them just to return the favor. I know, I’m a real sweetheart ;p

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