Thank You!

Hello my lovely readers!

Today is a very special day. At the start of this month I set a goal for myself to reach 300 views throughout the month. With two days to spare I’m so proud to share with you that with your help, my goal was reached.

I thank you all for the support you have been giving me and it’s with my deepest gratitude that I say without you, this never could have happened.

When I turned 20 my life was almost taken from me by the hands of another. By the time I turned 21, I found myself starting what would turn out the be the worst two and a half years of my life. Regardless of everything else that happened in that time frame, the biggest thing that I believe contributed to my misery was that I gave up writing.

I threw the towel in. I closed up shop. I didn’t do it for me. I did it partly out of fear and partly because I couldn’t even be honest with myself. At that time I was so confused and in a very unhealthy, toxic relationship. I was trying to give love and be loved when the only thing I ever really loved I had given up; and that was writing.

There it was – my passion, my heart, my soul – all shriveled up and seemingly lifeless. I thought I lost my love for good.

Some time following, I ended that toxic relationship and began fresh, starting with my number one love: writing. I started this blog as a place to express myself after being silenced for two and a half years. Creating this safe space to rediscover my voice not only in my writing, but also in myself was the only thing I ever thought I would get from this blog.

As time passed, my blog has evolved just like I have. It is a part of me now and more than just a place to write and discover myself. This blog, I feel, is a work of art that all of you helped support over the last year.

You have watched me blossom, and I must say without this outlet, I don’t know that I ever would have realized that my path lies in writing. For that, I’m forever grateful to all of you who have been there to read about what I have to say – and those of you who have encouraged me along the way – I can not place a value on the support and encouragement you have all shown and continue to show me.

To my man, thank you for encouraging not only this blog, but also my continued education to obtain my BA Degree in journalism. You have been such a breath of fresh air to my withered lungs. My gratitude to you and appreciation for you grows more and more every day just as my love for you. Thank you for showing me that it’s not wrong to chase my dreams.

To all of my followers and loyal readers, I have some little writing treats in store for you in the very near future to show you my appreciation and to thank you for your continued support.

I can’t wait to see what the month of February brings! Much love and appreciation for you all!

Angel aka TheGirlDish


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