It’s My Cup Of Tea

What a difference something so small could make in a day.

This morning was full of rushing – I rushed to get ready, I rushed to work in the snow. Once I arrived at work I was bombarded by employees asking for supplies which I rushed to give them. My company login wasn’t working so I rushed to call the IT department only to get an answering machine. I rushed around more asking if anyone else was having login trouble (my company was just bought by another company) but no one else was. IT called me back in the mean time and I rushed to answer the phone. They fixed it. After that, I rushed to login and get all of my essential documentation and information that I needed to start my day.

Once all of that was done, I stopped rushing and made a cup of tea. Since my participation in the 40 Days to Personal Revolution at my yoga studio, I have cut out a lot of unhealthy eating habits – one of them being sugar. I have developed quite a sensitivity to too much sugar; and artificial sweetener – you can just forget about it. I wouldn’t touch that stuff even if you paid me.

Long story short, I made my cup of tea and was looking all over for regular sugar. I searched every drawer and every other place I could think of where someone would have hidden it. Nothing. The only sugar that was available was artificial sweetener. Reluctant, I grabbed one packet and thought I’d try it out.

“Before I ruin my tea, let me try it with just cream,” I said to myself.

In that moment, it was like the heavens opened up, radiating a beautiful sparkling light and angels came down playing trumpets of solid gold. I never knew how heavenly a cup of tea sans sugar could be. This one cup of sugarless tea has made such a difference in my overall mood and outlook on the moment. Believe it or not, I attribute my serenity to this cup of sugarless deliciousness.

Sounds crazy right? It’s really not. At one time I couldn’t imagine not consuming sugar – especially in my tea. Now that I know it’s possible and it actually tastes a lot better to me, I can’t imagine how I once believed it was impossible to have a cup of tea without and sugar.

Indeed it is truly the little things that we let bother us. However, it is also the little things that can turn our day into a great day. So rather than getting in a huff over the small stuff, I challenge you to find the small stuff that makes you smile. After all, enjoying life should be everyone’s cup of tea.

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