When You Shovel Parking Spots For Your Neighbor To Take

Isn’t that just the most annoying thing? I just have to vent about it because my neighbors have been on my last nerve since we moved here.

Now, let me just say I love my house. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted except the parking situation is below par.

My neighbors have three cars. Between my boyfriend, his sister and I, we also have three cars. They took two spaces in the back of the house leaving little to no room for one of our cars. Especially with the snow it’s very difficult to park back there for us.

Let’s also take into consideration that the neighbors always park right in front of the house as well with their other car. The entire time we moved, we’ve had to park 2 or more houses away lugging bags, boxes, and furniture while they are parked in front of the doors.

Not to mention, there are always vehicles coming and going in front of the house. These cars park for about five minutes, go into the neighbors house, and then leave. This makes me suspect that the neighbors sell drugs.

Here’s the best part. Yesterday morning I woke up at 7am on my day off to shovel two parking spots. Today the neighbor is in one! I’m so frustrated with how inconsiderate they are. Not only that, the last few times it has snowed, they didn’t shovel in their side of the house – they just used the path that we shoveled.

I don’t know how to handle this. The landlord said when we moved in that all issues with the neighbors will not go through him. Basically, we are all adults and have to sort it out ourselves.

Please help! How would you handle this?

6 thoughts on “When You Shovel Parking Spots For Your Neighbor To Take

      1. Maybe have your husband talk to them instead. You know men actually do better then women…;) They seem to be more like okay whatever. But yeah I would be a lil unsure about saying anything just in case things got more intense….but also maybe a gift would cool things. Cause them to *want* to be more considerate…

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      2. Haha I don’t think so considering we shoveled their side of the steps and sidewalk and the next two times it snowed they didn’t shovel anything. I’m not sure what kind of people they are, but I get the impression they are not very mature for their age. Or perhaps I’m being immature about the parking haha I don’t know


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