When You Want To Change The World

Sometimes you feel helpless – how do you help everyone?

I just watched a dog rescue video and I’m so sad. I know it’s only a dog rescue video, but that’s my point.

It was sad and completely heart worming. I wish every homeless dog could be rescued and be cared for with all of the love in the world.

I also wish this for every person. Wouldn’t it be amazing for every single person on this earth to have a home, food, clothes, shoes, love.

Can you imagine a world like that?

I want to live in that world because all the hate and negativity is becoming too much for my heart to carry.

All of the pain I see people go through –

All of the neglect I hear about –

All of the bad things we humans cause for other humans and forms of life.

Were we always this selfish?

Photo courtesy of Google
Photo courtesy of Google

When did we stop caring?

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