Servin’ It Up Sundays On TheGirlDish: The Best Dairy-Free Creamer

I have been trying to ween myself off of some dairy products on an attempt to reduce the amount of headaches I get. If you’re like me, you probably love your morning coffee with flavored creamer. I’ve been experimenting with different kinds of dairy-free creamers, but when I found this one, it was bliss.

Silk brand has come out with an “even creamier” dairy-free soy creamer. I have to say it is delicious! I can’t even tell a difference in comparison to other dairy-free creamers I’ve tried. Normally, they all have a very runny consistency and turn your coffee an icky watered-down brown color. As you can see in the picture, the creamer really gives the coffee a nice color (plus it tastes great!)

Overall, I give the Silk Sou Creamer a BIG thumbs up and highly reccomend you try it if you are trying to cut out dairy or if you are lactose intolorent. 

Have you tried any other dairy-free gems? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Sunday!!!!!ο»Ώ

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