Epic Monday Night Raw


Monday night Raw kicked off with a bang, first with Paul heyman and Brock lesnar coming out to the ring  and announcing to the wwe universe that lesnar would be invoking his rematch clause tonight. That announcement was followed by a match to the intercontinental title between Daniel Bryan and dolf ziggler with BNB as guest commentary.

The crowds seemed to be on two different sides of the country when it came to being in sink with chants and on who they wanted to win. One thing the crowd could agree on and chant in sink was “This is wrestling!” 

Bryan retained came out on top but quickly ended the celebration when BMB attacked Bryan.

 To the crowds surprise Shamus returned and just when it looked like he was coming to Bryans aid, shamus kicked some you know what with his new Mohawk and braided chin hair. The crowd had no problem telling him with their bold chant, “You look stupid!” Shamus smiled and delivered the meanest bro kick to ziggler and exited. And that, my friends was the start of Raw.

The following was an 8 man tag match between a new day, the ascension, cesaro and Tyson Kidd, and the NXT tag team the lucky dragons making their Monday night Raw debut. 

“NXT” chants filled the arena as the Lucha Dragons amazed the audience with some interesting moves which stole the show and ultimately scored them and the new day a victory.

A short promo was shown for Adrianne Neville which drove the crowd wild thinking he was coming out to the ring, but he didn’t.

The next match to the crowds surprise was the WWE Heavyweight Championship match – or so they thought. Rollins acted tough then ran away and all he’ll broke loose.

Lesnar snapped, throwing j&j security around like rag dolls, followed by an f5 to Michael Cole and then finally delivering two f5s to a poor camera man. Lesnar is now suspended indefinitely.

“Thank you, Lesnar” was chanted while the carnage was being cleaned up after lesnar exited.

Stardust took on Mizdow in a short match. Mizdow won but was attacked after by Miz. 

Adrienne Neville made his debut against Kurtis Axel (also referred to as Axeamia) and blew the crowd away. The next generation is here WWE universe! Get ready for awesomeness!


Neville backflipping off top ropes onto Axel

John cena came out for his open challenge and the only chant the crowd seemed to nail was, “John cena sucks!” Maybe it’s because it was more of a song. 

What my brother said yesterday at mania was, “john cena finally hit Kurt angle status.” [in reference to the Kurt angle ‘you suck’ chants]

The open challenge was taken by crowd favorite, Dean Ambrose. This action packed match had the crowd roaring from start to finish. It got so intense Ambrose at one point even put cena in his std signature submission but was able to make the ropes to break the hold. Cena came out victorious which left the crowd disappointed and in a bit of disbelief. 

Next things we quieter (but only for a few minutes) by the divas 6 woman tag match. Paige, Aj Lee, and Naomi took on Natalya and the annoying Bella’s. The crowd made the match more exciting than the participants with their “we want Bailey”, “you suck cena”, “You suck Bryan”, “you suck Tyson”, and “you suck punk” chants. Naomi got the three count on Nikki which gave the Naomi, Paige, and Aj Lee the win.

Goldust was booked for a match with Rusev that was very short and lacked content. Other than the crowd chanting “you crush Lana”, the match was how they normally book Rusev’s matches which was upsetting because Goldust still has it.

The main event was Rollins, Big Show, and Kane vs. Randy Orton, Ryback, and Roman Reigns. The match was lackluster and the crowd had no problem telling it the way it was like they did all night long. “This is boring”, “Sammy Zayne”, “Kevin Owens”, “NXT”, “please retire”, “same old shit”, just to name a few. 

The superstars seemed to find it comical with smirks on Ryback and big shows faces.

The crowd the then stated doing the wave – and when I say the crowd, I mean the ENTIRE crowd did the wave around the arena. 

After all the crowd’s antics, Reigns pinned Kane for the win.

Sting came out to talk about his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania. “Thank you, Sting” chants took over and sting announced even though he lost, he was “just happy to be there.”

When asked what the future holds, “Undertaker” chants took over the Ariana.

“I really don’t know what the future holds,” said Sting. 

Sting was interrupted by BoDallas but not for long. After some humorous Bo-talk, Sting shut him up with the scorpion death drop. And that, my friends, was Monday Night Raw.

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