S.I.U.S. On TheGirlDish: It’s A Small World After All

Yesterday my love and I went to one of our local wrestling g shows and got to meet “The Phenominal” A.J. Styles and see an amazing ladder match between some local wrestlers. 

Before the show started, we ran into one of my man’s friends. His friend is a little older and brings his grand kids to see the local wrestling shows. Why does this matter?

Do you remember about a month or so ago when I posted an entry about my neighbors taking the parking spots I shovled? Okay good now remember that as I tell the story.

We were talking to his friend and he asked us how Wrestlemania was. One of the guys sitting next to him overheard and was infatuated with knowing that we went to Wrestlemania and stated talking to us too. Then, the two little girls (my man’s friend’s granddaughters) looked up at me, smiled and asked, “Do you know we’re your neighbors?”

My heart sank. I looked at them and replied, “No, I didn’t!” I turned to my boyfriend and said, “Babe, they are our neighbors kids.” 

In that moment I thought about how mad I would get about the neighbors parking like weenies and how mad I would get when they would take all the parking in the back. Then I felt bad for asking the landlord to talk to them about sharing the parking. 

It was like in one moment I made a connection to these little girls and instantly felt like a big jerk for always saying, “my neighbors are ***holes.”

Today when my boyfriend and I left the house to go food shopping we saw the little girls playing outside in the yard. I waved and smiled. The one girl got this big smile on her face and waved the biggest wave back that I have ever watched. It was one moment of two human beings treating each other like human beings.

I guess the point of this is to say one day you may think something and the next you might see a new side and form a new opinion. With that said, I will no longer be calling my neighbors anything negative and will keep in mind that everyone has a heart and some innocence. 

I feel like this entry doesn’t explain the way I’m thinking of this situation because I really can’t explain it the way I’m thinking it in my head. Does that even make sense? I don’t know haha but I do know I’m turning over a new leaf so to speak and I’m going to start giving people the benefit of the doubt again. 

It’s a small world after all. 


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