To The Guy who Called Me An A**Hole

Today I decided to drive to a health food store to see what kind of goodies they had. I was at this particular store once before and thought I knew where it was.
As I drove into town I realized I wasn’t so sure. I pulled up to a red light and tried to say the name of the place to my phone to get directions. As usual, it picked up nothing near the health food store’s name I was trying to reach.
I decided to try to type the name of the store quickly and as I was I heard yelling from the car next to me, “Hey asshole! Get off the phone!”
I looked at him, saw the light was green, and drove away. At first I felt hurt but quickly realized that he was right. I was an asshole for doing that.
Not only was I not paying attention to the road, I was jeopardizing my life and the lives of others even though it was only at a red light.
The moral of today’s story is that it’s not cool at all to be on your phone even at a red light, even if you’re just trying to find directions, even if you’re taking a call. Just don’t do it.
Thank you to the guy who made me aware. I don’t know who you are and even though you called me an asshole, you were right.

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