How To Get Your S**t Together Without a Planner

Like many millennials, I enjoy pretending like I have my shit together. I do this in various ways like trying to drink enough water, using cool filters to make my Instagram look “artistic”, and I use a planner to track things like bills, important deadlines, and other activities.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting on my couch watching “Plan With Me” or “Get Organized With Me” videos on YouTube to get some ideas on how to better get my shit together (and make my planner look like it too)…. and then I find myself spiraling into a panic attack while watching said videos and suddenly realizing, I guess I really don’t have my shit together.

If you can relate and find yourself overwhelmed by all of the different life planners, water drinking trackers, and Etsy sticker shop themes like I do, then this one is for you.

Recently, I have discovered a love and passion for bullet journaling. I’ve always been the type to use planners but found it very hard to stick with them because if I messed them up I felt like I had to rip out pages and start over fresh. I also never knew what to put where and…. how the heck did that blogger fit her water tracker, meditation tracker, and weekly goals all on one page?ย I was baffled. and clueless to say the least when it came to organizing my planner.

I started to really dive into the depths of the YouTube downward spiral making myself freakout because my life (and life planner) didn’t look as perfect as any YouTubers did.

That’s about the time I stumbled across Bullet Journaling. When I found bullet journaling, I was instantly super intimidated by all of the YouTubers perfection on their journal pages and how perfectly they had their spreads made.

I could never sit and do all of that, I thought to myself.

Then one day, I decided that was it. Once and for all I was going to get my shit together. I went out and bought myself a bullet journal. At first it was so intimidating to me to have this blank journal with nothing but a blank index, future log, and some dotted, numbered pages.

The reason I picked up the bullet journal was more for hobby tracking than anything else. I figured I’d still use my planner for remembering when bills are due, special events, and just general day planning. As my time with my bullet journal grew, so did my purposes for it.

My very first entry was a Hobby Tracker for the month of March. I successfully managed to mark off four (yes, you read that right), four days total of hobbies that I actually did in the Month of March.

For April, I tried doing an “April 2018” decorative page followed by a list of my monthly goals and a hobby tracker. I managed to track ten days during month of April.

May was the weird month. May was when I started to really play around with my bullet journal. I created a goal and hobby tracker and marked 17 days! I noticed a trend. The more time I spent creating my very simplistic goal and hobby trackers, the more I was using them and actually doing the hobbies and reaching the goals I was setting.

At that moment, it was like everything I knew about the planning world was turned upside down. I dove into my June spread with a gratitude list, budget and spending tracker, inspirational quotes, goal and hobby trackers, and even weekly spreads for each week in June.

I am pleased to say that I now open my bullet journal every day and use it to keep my personal goals and budget in check which is something that really makes me feel like I have my shit together.

My layouts and designs are very simple and not the most ascetically pleasing, but I think that’s why I like this method so much. If I mess up, I just glue the pages together and can start over. And the flow of things doesn’t have to be perfect or the same for every month because you are writing your own index and can plan as you go. That’s what I love most about the system. You can completely customize it to fit you.

While this method does take some planning and time, you might think it isn’t for your busy lifestyle. This may be true for some, but like I said before, if you keep your layouts simple you might find it extremely therapeutic like I do and a lot easier to stick with new hobbies, budgets, and goals that you have set for yourself.ย  And let’s be real, who doesn’t love feeling like they have their shit together?




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