The Power of Choice

Let today be the day you decide to take the first step and make a change.

I used to feel bad looking at social media and Youtube videos because I thought that everyone else was doing so much better than me. My downtime was time that I used to relax and watch TV or just do nothing in general.

For a long time I wondered, how can I get motivated?

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered you don’t just get motivated. You have to make a choice.

I decided I wasn’t going to live in my feelings anymore. I decided that I could live beyond my feelings….that just because I didn’t feel like doing something didn’t mean I shouldn’t do it.

For example, I was overeating and feeling the effects of poor diet and no exercise. Every day I would look at myself and wish I could be motivated to want to work out and eat better.

With the help of Joyce Meyer’s teachings on the mind, I realized that my mind wasn’t going to change on its own. I realized I had to be aware of my thoughts and feelings and that they weren’t going to magically change unless I made a conscious effort to change them.

In order to change my thoughts and live beyond my feelings, I needed constant reminders to help rewire my thinking…
And God, but I’m no here to convert you…I leave that for the Big Man Upstairs…

I started listening to motivational speeches on Youtube. It all started with the speech I featured in last week’s post (which you can find here), and now has grown to leaving motivational post-its on my bathroom mirror and inspirational affirmations on my phone.

It’s important for me to tell you that not every day is perfect.

What matters is that each day I try my best. Some days my thoughts and feelings get the best of me. It happens. But what is important is not giving up.
Is there something in your life that you wish you could change? Exercising, eating better, waking up earlier, spending more time with God, making more time for friends and family…the list is endless.

Pick one thing that you want to change that seems impossible. For example, I decided that I wanted to wake up at 5am every day and spend time with God, followed by working out. This was hard considering I love sleeping.

I usually woke up between 9am and 11am depending on how I felt. The first thing I needed to realize was that just because I didn’t feel like waking up didn’t mean I shouldn’t wake up.

The first few weeks was hard. I failed many times. So I started small by setting a goal to be up by 9am. Then 8am. Then 7am. I changed the times once it became easier until I started to wake at 5am with ease. I still have to make the choice to get out of bed.
I know now that if I choose to listen to my feelings of wanting to sleep more, I will only be hurting myself later in the day. When I wake up and make time for God and then exercise, it’s like my day is already starting off on the right foot and I already feel so accomplished.

Some days, that’s as far as I get and then I find myself wanting a nap mid day. Other days I’m on fire with passion to get as much done as possible and keep a good mindset. And you know what? That’s okay! Not every day will look the same and not every day will be easy to make the choice of change.

So I ask you to start with one thing you want to change. One thing that you can change your mindset about. Start today. Don’t wait until tomorrow, or some time next week, or my favorite, “I’ll start on Monday.”
It all starts with one choice.

I’ll leave you with the post-it notes currently stuck to my bathroom mirror:
“I will not quit until my dream is my reality”
“Failure helps you recognize the areas you need to evolve”
“It will get hard…never give up”

..and my favorite one:
“Something good is going to happen to me today”
I believe in you!

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