Take The 28 Day Reset With Me!!!

Hey there all of my lovlies!! It’s been a little while since I posted a good ol’ blog entry and I have to say, I miss all of you!!

The purpose of today’s entry is to let you know about a few things I’m doing during the start of this new year. One of them you could probably figure out by the title of this post. To kickstart my personal goals for the new year, I’m doing a 28 day challenge that I would LOVE for all of you to join me in!

I’m simply following the Blogilaties 28 Day Reset Plant Based Eating plan and doing 6 workouts a week for the next 28 days.

I don’t know about all of you, but my diet has been less than stellar for the better part of the end of 2016. What I hope to accomplish with this is to reset my digestive system and overall, live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Since I started my new job in May of 2016, I’ve been having a very hard time committing to a healthy lifestyle. I used to do yoga every day and now that I work nights I’ve fallen so far out of my routine.

If you’d like, follow me as I participate in the Blogaglaties 28 Day Reset Challenge!! Each week on Mondays, I will be uploading a video and blog post to show you what I ate that week and what 6 workouts I did. The first will show a before photo with inches and the last week will show both before and after photos with difference in inches. In the blog posts I will include in more detail how my body is feeling with the new changes.

At the end of the program, I’m going to do a separate review of the 28 Day Reset Plant Based Eating EBook so you can get a good, honest review.

I hope that you join me in this by following my blog and subscribing to my  YouTube channel so we can all support each other during this challenge!

Another goal I have for 2017 is to Blog/Vlog way more. I’m going to be doing a blog posts to go with some of my videos and see how that goes. I feel like when I pay attention to my blog, my YouTube suffers and when I pay attention to my YouTube, my blog suffers.

This year, I am going to work diligently to keep both of them updated weekly with fresh content for all of you.

Well, that is it for now! I hope all of you had a happy, safe ringing in of the new year and I hope you all have fantastic day!



How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes In 7 Steps

Today marks one full year that I have quit smoking cigarettes. I started smoking cigarettes when I was a young lass – just 16 years old. My big joke was that I loved smoking and I would only quit if I got pregnant, which I would then follow with: but I’m never having kids, so I guess I’ll never quit smoking. I loved cigarettes so much and I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

Until one day…I quit smoking (and I don’t even have any kids!) The journey has not been easy, but I can guarantee you that it’s worth it.

The following is how I quit smoking and I believe that anyone who follows these steps can successfully quit.

  1. You Have To Want To Quit. And I mean you really have to want to. None of this “Oh I wish I could quit,” or “I would love to quit someday,” or my personal favorite, “I’m just going through too much to quit right now.” That’s all some major bull crap. You have to want it, or else you’re just going to give into your cravings and find an excuse to continue your habit. If you don’t really want to quit you’re not going to – bottom line. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. There will always be something tough to go through in life and you’re going to have to make a choice to go through it without a cigarette. (It’s not as hard as you think).
  2. Yoga. People must think I’m nuts because yoga is my answer for everything. Oh your back hurts? Try some yoga. You’ve been feeling stressed and unhappy? Yoga will do you wonders! I SWAER IT’S THAT GOOD! I wound’t recommend it if I didn’t personally reap the many many wonderful benefits of yoga. Why is it good for someone who wants to quit smoking? For starters, yoga is all about your breath. Second, it teaches you how to be still with what is. Yoga really helps you overcome hardships and helps you deal with things in a healthy way. Some people drink and smoke to relieve stress. I yoga my stress (aka cigarette cravings) away. A lot of the reason I smoked was because of anxiety related reasons and the yoga really helped me in that department by helping me realize that I am capable of living and dealing with things without cigarettes.
  3.   Find A Support System & Stay Away From Smokers. Now let me set this straight, I’m not saying get rid of your friends who smoke. I’m saying keep yourself away from smokey situations until you trust yourself enough to be around cigarettes without giving into temptation. Also, being around people who support your goal are key. When I first told a few people that I was quitting smoking,  I remember one response in particular was, “You’ll be smoking again in a month.” That is not a supportive person. What I find is best is not to share your journey to quit with them because they don’t want to see you better yourself.Those people are just waiting for you to slip up and will most likely be the first ones to taunt you a, “Let’s go smoke,” offer. Instead, share your journey with people who support what you’re doing and encourage you.
  4. Quit With A Buddy. I quit with my boyfriend and I truly believe I wouldn’t have quit if it wasn’t for him quitting with me. The first couple months was hard for me and if he would have still been smoking, I would be smoking. Having another person quit with you can be dangerous if they fall off the wagon, however, so make sure you both are really committed to quitting. The nice thing is, is that after a while of being a non-smoker, you’re more likely to continue on the quitter’s path regardless of what your buddy does. For example, now that I’ve been cigarette free for a year, I feel confident that if my boyfriend ever started smoking again, I know I wouldn’t because I don’t want to pick the disgusting habit back up again.
  5. Try Vaping To Ween Off Cigarettes. This is how my man and I did it. We bought vaporizers and stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes. We did this for about two months and I noticed that the smell of cigarettes was becoming very gross to me. We stopped vaping after having one tobacco cigarette and realizing how disgusting they really were. They tasted like poop and the next morning it felt like there was a heavy weight on my chest. That was when we decided we’ve had enough and put both tobacco cigarettes down along with the vaporizors. Some people don’t like vaping because it’s not the same feel of a cigarette and I get that. The reason I recommend it is because if you can only vape for a month or longer, if you do have a tobacco cigarette, you will never want another one again.
  6. Don’t Give Up. I’m not going to lie to you, I had a hard time the first few months, but it gets easier. Do I still have cravings? Yes. Sometimes when I’m around someone smoking I get an urge to have a smoke. Those are the times I look at how far I’ve come and see the improvements in my health. I can actually walk up the starts without getting out of breath. I was just recently sick and you know that gross chest mucous you get when you smoke? Nope – it’s gone. I didn’t get it and it made being sick awesome. Once you start experiencing those changes, you won’t want to give up your progress.
  7. Find a Healthy Way To Deal With Your Cigarette Triggers. What I mean by this is find a way to deal with the “I need a cigarette” tape that plays in your head during a craving. This is why I put yoga on he list because it did that for me. I know yoga is not for everyone, so I encourage you to explore different options and see what you like. Maybe it’s running. Maybe it’s painting. Maybe it’s something as simple as listening to music or reading a book. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s going to better you rather than doing something that will replace your bad habit with another bad habit.  

With all of that said, I hope you find this piece helpful. When you think you can’t do it, just keep in mind that I was a 2-packs-a-day smoker who was nicknamed “Ciggie Queen” who also swore she’d never quit. And look at me now! Ciggie free for a year.

Let me know your story in the comments below! Are you trying to quit? Have you already quit? How long have you been a quitter? Share your stories with me to keep the inspiration flowing! Plus, I love hearing your stories and like to see how other people do things.

Today marks my anniversary. Remember that today can mark yours too.

❤ AngelMariexoxo

Healthy Breakfast Idea

Here is what I’m having for breakfast today. It’s quite delicious if you like all of the ingredients.

In the dish I have:

2 tsp oil

1 small zucchini chopped

1 cup spinach

1 large egg

1 morning star farms vegetarian sausage patty. 

Salt and pepper 

I just sautéed everything up and presto! A quick, easy, healthy breakfast.

Next time I think in going to use less zucchini or a extra egg because I think the zucchini is a bit much in my dish. However, I like zucchini and I don’t mind at the moment. 

*Note: I am not a vegetarian however, I detest the taste of sausage and bacon and sometimes meat in general so I substitute with vegetarian options. 

Servin’ It Up Sundays On TheGirlDish: Healthy Life, Happy Life

You know that saying “happy wife, happy life”? Well I disagree so I came up with my own saying and that is “healthy life, happy life”.

Recently, I’ve embarked on a journey of self-improvement. In March of 2014, I took my first hot yoga class and fell in love with it. In the summer of 2014, I participated in my first 40 Days to Personal Revolution program. Following that in August, I quit smoking cigarettes. Now, I’m making healthier food choices and today marks the start of me starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme program.

The catch here is, I already know I will not be able to do the workouts every single day because I do work full time, I go to school full time, and I also plan to keep up with yoga a few times a week. With that said, I’m going to be starting a healthy diet and integrating Shakeology into my daily routine.

I can’t wait to share this journey with all of you and I hope that it can inspire and motivate you all to take small steps to improving your overall health.

For this particular segment (Servin’ It Up Sundays), I’m going to post progress and advice from personal experience with my personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. I think I will also randomly once a week post a picture and recipe of a healthy meal/activity that I’m loving at the moment.

Since today I am beginning my journey, I will share with you my goals. For one, it’s not a real matter of losing weight for me. I think I’m at a good weight, I would just like to tone my body and start putting the right fuel into it.

Second, I really want to try to express how much happier I feel when I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle. From my own experience, I know I am happier when I am living healthier as opposed to living convenient.

I hope I can share with you practical ways to keep a healthy lifestyle even with a busy schedule and a tight budget.

Here’s today’s breakfast: one egg white with a vegetarian sausage patty and multi grain toast. I also had a glass of orange juice and a coffee with creamer.


Have a great, healthy Sunday!!!

The Journey WIthin

Last night I was typing up what I thought to be a really great post for all of you. Unfortunately, I pressed the shift key to capitalize my next sentence and the entire post deleted right before my eyes. I was devastated to say the least. After proofing this one, I’m confident that I have delivered to all of you something even better than that last post and I’m so happy to share this with you all.

So without further a due, here it is: The Journey Within.

I wanted to take this time to share a few things with all of you. Yesterday at work I had one hell of a day. I could feel myself in my desk chair ready to snap like a rubber band that has been stretched passed its capacity. To keep it simple, my job has really been taking a toll on me.

During my lunch yesterday I decided to read some of my 40 Days to Personal Revolution book to clam my mind. What I found was not only profound, but completely astounding to me. The “ah-ha” moment happened for sure.

I’d like to share with you now two of the passages that really hit me where I needed to feel it.

“It is simply the willingness to see in full truthfulness what we need to face within ourselves and our lives so that we may get into right alignment.” – Baron Baptiste, 40 Days to Personal Revolution

This hit me harder than when Triple H hit Shawn Michaels in the back with a sledgehammer at the 2002 Summer Slam street-fight match.

Years prior to today, I would try to mask the truth from myself. I couldn’t make a decision about my life to save it. Was the relationship I was in at the time toxic? (Yes!) Was it good for me? (Hell no!) Should I pursue my BA Degree in Journalism? (Yes). Should I go to nursing school even though I hated my career as a Certified Nurses Aid? (Why would you if you already know you don’t like it?) Should I just stay out of school all together? (That’s what your relationship at the time drilled into your head.)

All of these things and much more would fill my brain as I’d lay awake at night restless and miserable. What I am seeing now is that my head was so clouded with so many things that I couldn’t see my path. I wasn’t ready to accept the truth and see situations for what they were. That was partly because of having so many things jumbled in my brain, but also because I felt the need to make everyone else happy. That was not leading me down a clear path.

The path I was on was covered in shrubs, dead trees, and darkness. I felt I had no light to lead me, nor any clarity on any one thing. It took a long series of events for me to see I was doing it all wrong and now I’m proud to say I am out of that toxic relationship and in a new awesome relationship where my opinions are valued and I am loved. I am pursing my BA Degree in Journalism at a State University and have left the nursing profession all together.

In the last year my life has taken a turn for the better and I couldn’t be more grateful. Now I feel I am on a clear path. The best part of this is, the path is clear only to what is in front of my at the moment. The rest of the path is unknown and I’m more than okay with that. I’m not saying it will always be this way, but for this moment, I’m so happy to have this realization and it brings me even more joy to share it with all of you. I love you all for your endless support and encouragement.

The second and final thing I wanted to share with you is this other quote from Baron’s book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. It reads: “control freaks are usually insomniacs – they can’t let go.”

Coming from one fellow control freak, that statement is right on the money. My need to constantly try to figure out the next steps and keep everything “the way it should be” was making me lose touch with the present moment. I was forgetting how to be happy with what was. I was losing myself. I feel I’ve come a long way from a year ago, but these are things I still struggle with.

Like I said before, I’m happy on my path right now only seeing what’s in front of me. However, sometimes I do get curious and try to see what’s over the hill and far, far away. Nonetheless, thank the powers that be for this amazing transformation thus far.

What I’m working on now within myself is really learning to let go. I don’t want to be burdened by the past, nor hindered by the future or what I try to predict the future to be. The bottom line is right now is all that matters. It’s all we have. The present moment is the only thing that is true even though it is fleeting.

Like Mike Ness from Social Distortion sings in Reach for the Sky:

“So if you please take this moment,Try if you can make it last
Don’t think about no future and just forget about the past..”

I hope this was as exciting for you all to read as it was for me to write (even the second time around). May the world bring you joy and everything that is good.



Beauty Horror Stories: Artificial Nails Gone Wrong

We all have them. That’s right, we all have a few beauty horror stories. Here is one of mine I’m currently experiencing and would like to share with all of you.

It’s very common today to see women with artificial finger nails. I too was once one of those women,

Up until recently, I had my nails done about two times, maybe three. This year however, I got them done a lot. It all started back in July when my man and I went to New Jersey for vacation.

“What a perfect time to get my nails done,” I thought. And it was. They were cute and simple pink and white tips. Just enough elegance for a nice time away.

After that I didn’t get my nails done for a few months. Then, in September of this year, I made it a regular event. I decided I was going to treat myself to getting my nails done as a reward for quitting smoking. Everything was great. My nails looked super cute, I was happy with them, they made me feel girly, and most of all, I LOVED the way they clicked off the keyboard while typing.

One of the lady’s I work with noticed I had been getting my nails done. She asked if I wanted to go with her to get our nails done together. Once she told me the price I was sold. It was half of what my nail salon charges. Now, just so you know, this lady who would be doing our nails is the wife of one of our other co-workers and she does them from her house. I have nothing against that and applaud people who can have a lucrative side income because I wish to one day be able to do that with my homemade candles, but really, I should have been a little more cautious.

I still had on artificial nails from the last time I had them done. They were about 3 weeks old when we went to get them done and just about ready to fall off. For those of you who get nails know how uncomfortable it is to be missing only a nail or two you know why I decided to try to keep the old nails on until our appointment. Anyway, in my opinion, she should have removed them and put new tips on but she didn’t (I’m also a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Pennsylvania so I say yes, they should have been removed NO QUESTION…but anyway…). She filed down the leftover acrylic with the electric nail file and on my pinky nail of my right hand filed down to my natural nail bed. BELIEVE ME I FELT IT!!! It hurt SO bad and even drew blood.

Realizing that she had drawn blood, she quickly put her index finger over where the blood was coming from and applied pressure. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, why didn’t I say something? Well, she is Spanish and has very limited English and even though I’m learning Spanish, my communication is still very limited. So with that said, I just hoped for the best and tried to prepare for what I knew was to come.

When she applied the acrylic on my nails, I could feel the open wound on my poor little pinky. It burned until it dried (which wasn’t long) and then it felt fine. I remember looking at the finished product being so pleased with the exotic nail art she did and they fun style of the  nails. I did notice that my right pinky nail looked a little more red than the other nails. I figured ti was from the little “nick” during the electric filing and thought nothing of it, that is, until my nails started popping off.

The lady I work with made an appointment for us and I had to cancel because I literally was (and still am) missing half of my real nail with half of my nail bed exposed.

Here are some photos (FYI, yes, I’m aware my pinky is bent. Both of them are like that. I was born that way.)

photo 4
You can see the redness of the pinky finger compared to the other nails. This was the day I had them done.
This is after my artificial nails fell off. I didn't want to take this one off because I could feel and see that part of the nail bed was exposed.
This is after my artificial nails fell off. I didn’t want to take this one off because I could feel and see that part of the nail bed was exposed, although, it’s hard to see that in the picture.
Here is the day the nail fell off on its own (well, mostly).
Here is the day the nail fell off on its own (well, mostly). I did have to assist the process because it was dangling off my finger.
And another shot
And another shot
And another...
And another…
photo 2 (1)
This is my finger today. It didn’t capture as well as I wanted that only half of my nail is there.

So long story short, I won’t be getting my nails done for a long time. I’m more than content with my short fingernails and painting them myself after all of this. I know they say beauty is pain, but I think this was a little unnecessary pain.

I really hope none of you ever experience something like this, but if you have comment down below what you did and how you handled it. Also, if you have any other beauty horror stories you’d like to share, comment down below. I’d love to hear them!