How To Reach Your Goals! | 2016 Vision Board

With the new year here, people are making changes, resolutions, and goals for their lives.
A cool way to envision what you want to see in your year is by making a vision board depicting those things.
In this video, I show you how I make mine so you can come up with fun ideas too.
Manifest what you really want this year by making good a vision board. At the end of the year see what all happened that you put on your board!


Servin’ It Up Sundays On TheGirlDish: The Law Of Attraction

It’s very powerful. For instance, just last month at my yoga studio we made vision boards. This is a snip-it of what is on mine.

I have been thinking about that tub for a long time. When I put it on my vision board, I thought that maybe I would have that tub in a few years. With that said, I still would look and that tub on the board and think about myself in that tub and enjoying that tub.
So what’s the point of this? Well, I’m moving as we speak and I just have to show you all a picture of the tub in my bathroom.

It’s not the exact one on my board, but it’s very similar and perfect for me. The point is that I asked for the tub. I believed I would have the tub. In turn, the law of attraction worked its magic and now, I have received the tub and I am grateful.
Life’s little games.