This Is Why I Marched

Many of you do not know this about me, but about seven years ago I was strangled nearly to death by the person I was dating at the time. The treatment I received by local police was as if I were a criminal and I was not provided with any resources to help cope with what happened to me. To this day, I still deal with the repercussions of that day.

According to, 

“Team Trump’s overall budget plan is reportedly modeled on a blueprint from the right-wing Heritage Foundation, which calls the VAMA grants β€œa misuse of federal resources and a distraction from concerns that are truly the province of the federal government.”

This is why I marched. I want to help protect and educate those who may have the misfortune of going through similar things that I went through. 

For those telling me to “Get over it” because “he is our president”, please understand that even though seven years have passed I’m not 100% over what happened to me.

I would never wish that on any human being and in the unfortunate event that it happens to others, I believe law enforcement should be educated on how to handle those situations and resources should be provided to victims because I did not have either of those things while going through my situation.

Those are things I wish were available to me and I will do what I can to spread awareness. I encourage all of you to take action on the issues you feel are important to you and do so in a respectful and dignified manner. 

This is why I marched in the Women’s March in Harrisburg, PA. Even though the funding has not yet been taken away, I feel it is extremely important to voice why it shouldn’t be. article:

Trying Vegan Pizza Pockets

When I decided to go vegan at the end of 2015, I struggled to find a good pizza substitute. I tried all kinds of brands of vegan pizzas and tried making my own pizzas with different brands of vegan cheeses but I never found anything that made me say, “Yes, this is the one.”

While grocery shopping (at Walmart of all places), I found these Gardein Meatless Pepperoni Pizza Pockets. Β Even though I am not following a vegan diet anymore, I enjoy trying the vegan products I find because I like trying to eat a good portion of my meals without animal products.

Alas, I purchased these pizza pockets and what I found was quite surprising. Check out my video below to see what I think of them!