Vegan Beauty Products| PETIT VOUR Beauty Box July 2015

Since I’ve been on my 40 Day journey, a lot has really changed for me. My perception of food has drastically changed within the last two weeks (especially since the fruit cleanse) and my body is really yearning me to switch to a vegan diet. With that said, I’ve been watching an astronomical amount of @essenaoneill on YouTube and have been inspired by her to remove dairy and animal products from my diet.

While I haven’t completely yet removed dairy and animal products from my diet, I am making changes and one of them is with the Petit Vour beauty subscription box. I purchased the box so I could try some vegan friendly beauty products without paying a ridiculous amount of money to do so. I figured it would be great because if I don’t like something I get in the box, I have three other products and it only costs $15 a month!

You can watch my very first unboxing hereΒ and see what I got! The products in my box were worth over $40 and I’m already loving some of them. I plan to do a review of the products I received in the future.

What are some of your favorite vegan/cruelty free beauty products?

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